5 Physical Qualities

Titus Sports Academy trains by principle, not just through exercises.

Our training principles, methods and techniques used for our professional and Olympic athletes are applied throughout all Titus programs. We develop each individual’s skills and athletic qualities – not just “train” them. Athletes will see improvements in their performance immediately; however, our training methods are designed with long-term results in mind.

The Following Five Physical Qualities are the Foundation of Titus Programming:

1 Mobility/Flexibility

Movement efficiency through a joints full range of motion is essential to an athlete’s performance and injury prevention. Titus seeks to teach total body movements in order to increase the body’s awareness, balance and coordination in fundamental motions.

2 Speed

An increase in speed will be the end result of our training, whether it is sprint speed, jump height, or throwing distance. Titus uses techniques with light or zero resistance so speed is minimally hindered while allowing the body to extend, flex, and rotate resulting in an improvement in coordination and velocity of motion in each particular joint.

3 Strength

All sports require an element of explosive movement and it takes a great level of strength to produce the force needed to execute these movements. Titus training methods focus on building total body strength with an emphasis on hip, knee, and ankle extension as well as trunk, back, and shoulder stability. The progression of each athlete is determined by their ability to master the proper form and technique of each movement within the given restraints.

4 Agility

Agility is the ability to change direction without the loss of speed, strength, balance or body control. Titus training methods include a variety of cutting, hopping, cone and hurdle drills. As agility improves, the timing and rhythm of all body movements will improve as well.

5 Endurance

Endurance can be defined simply as the body’s capability “to last”. Titus’ training methods increase the body’s ability to process oxygen through the respiratory, cardiovascular and metabolic systems resulting in improved anaerobic and aerobic endurance levels. Ultimately, maximizing speed endurance, the ability to sustain repeated intense efforts that sports require.

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