Public safety is more than an occupation. It is a contest for survival, a marathon of career related dangers that must be overcome throughout a 5, 10, or 30-year occupational commitment. Titus knows that "wellness" is not enough to assure survival against the occupational rigors that come with being a Protector. Where wellness is for the masses, occupational fitness is directed to specific individuals with specific job tasks.

In the words of an athletic coach, Titus has "studied the tapes" and has created a program to meet the needs of today’s public safety worker. Whether it is running up four flights of stairs in full gear while dragging a charged hose line into a fire or foot chasing an armed suspect for six blocks in the August heat, we have built our program to address these kinds of needs.

Our program is comprehensive. We address physical fitness for optimum job related performance. We have studied OSHA reports and have researched the events which cause injury and death in the field. We are fully aware of how poor nutrition contributes to decreased performance, disease and early deterioration and we know the mental health issues that plague public safety workers throughout the nation. We have built our program to address and correct these problems and have packaged this program into a full training course that we simply call PROTECTORS.

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